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How can I get a quote?

Pick up the phone and give us a call or if email is your preference feel free to drop us a line. For the more complex jobs we will be happy to carry out a free site inspection.


What areas do you work in?

We are based in Melbourne and can service all areas of Victoria. Runs to Sydney and Adelaide also occur on a semi regular bases. 


How Much Notice Do You Need?

In a perfect world bookings are made 7-14 days before the move takes place. Unfortunately this isn’t always possible and we are more than happy to help with last minute bookings.


What if I have to cancel the move?

Generally we require 48hours notice for a cancellation. Fees may be charged if you cancel in less than this time frame.


Can I Box My Items?

Yes. Just make sure that the boxes you use are strong enough to protect your items and are properly sealed with packing tape. Don’t overpack them, as this can lead to damage during transit. We can provide suitable boxes should you require them. Be aware that our insurance may not cover self-packed boxes because we can’t note any pre-existing damage. 


Should I Empty My Furniture Drawers?

Unless they contain heavy or fragile items, the answer is no. The only exception is furniture you’ve had to assemble. Since this kind of furniture isn’t as robust as regular furniture, it can be prone to breakage, so don’t place anything inside it. 


Can You Move Pianos?

Upright pianos don’t usually present a problem provided we can access them without much difficulty. We do recommend engaging  a dedicated piano removalist to transport a grand piano or to move an upright piano down or up flights of stairs. 


Are There Items You’re Prohibited to Transport?

We are not permitted by law to transport firearms or hazardous chemicals. This includes all flammable liquids and gases. We also cannot transport oil or paint because of the damage a leaking container may cause your goods. 


Do You Assemble Furniture?

We will disassemble and reassemble your beds. If you need other items disassembled/reassembled, let us know when making your booking. 


How Do I Pay for Your Service?

We accept cash, EFTPOS and major credit cards. Payment is to be made upon completion of the move.

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