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Apartment and House Moves

We are dab hands at these kinds of removals. We will streamline your move so that it runs like a Rolex. We work across any type of home and can liaise with apartment-building management where necessary. Our aim is to get you out of your old digs and into your new with a minimum of fuss.






Commercial and Office Moves

Moving large quantities of shop fittings, office furniture and equipment requires careful planning and execution.  We understand the need to keep your business operating and pride ourselves on carrying out complex moves  in the safest, efficient and most economical manner possible. 






Ebay and Gumtree Items

Purchased something on Ebay or Gumtree but don’t have the means to transport it? Let us do the honours. We will pick up the item from the seller and deliver it right to your door. No item is too big or too small. Our rates, even for single items, are highly competitive.  






Antique and Artwork Transport

Our business began as a specialist removal service for premium items sold at auction. We packed and moved artwork, ceramics, antique furniture on a daily basis. You can be confident that we will treat your valuable items as if each of them were the Mona Lisa.